About Us

Troop 645 was formed in 1992 to serve El Dorado Hills in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada.   We currently have around 100 active Scouts and 50 active Scouters (adult leaders).  Most of our new Scouts come to us from Cub Scout packs in El Dorado Hills, however, any boy 11 years of age or older can join the troop.  We have many boys without any previous Scouting experience.   Our program runs year round, with the entire troop meeting twice a month and the scout and adult leadership once a month.  Our meetings are held at Lakeview Elementary.

Our Troop philosophy can be broken into 10 parts:

By the Boys, For the Boys.  Troop 645 is a boy led troop, and we really encourage the boys to lead themselves.  The adults are in the background to provide coaching, guidance, ensure safety, etc.

Fun with a Purpose:   Our goal is to have a fun outdoor oriented program, through which scouts can perform community service, acquire outdoor skills, learn leadership, demonstrate scout values, and earn rank advancement.    

Outdoor Orientation: We try to have at least one overnight and one day activity per month.   Overnight trips include car camping in interesting locations, high adventure back packing, canoe trips, summer camp, and snow camps.  Day activities include hiking, biking, canoeing, bowling, and indoor rock climbing.  Through these activities, the scouts learn about first aid, cooking, camping, nature, water rescue, knots, lashings, and generally how to be prepared.

Scout Values:  We expect scouts and scouters to adhere to the values expressed in the scout motto, oath and law.   This creates a positive and supportive environment for all involved in the scouting program.

Community Service:    We support our charter organization, Lakeview Elementary, with clean-ups, construction projects, and events.   Our community support includes biannual clean-ups, flag displays, and service through Eagle Scout projects.

Leadership:  The scouts learn leadership through running the troop.   The Troop also runs leadership training course every 6 months, and we encourage boys to go through more extensive training in council led programs.   Skills like communication, responsibility, delegation, accountability, coordination, and managing a large group of people are a key part of Boy Scouts, as we prepare the next generation to lead the country.

Rank Advancement:  The boys can earn rank advancement in the program, but it is not required.   The highest rank is Eagle Scout, which requires extensive training, outdoor expertise, leadership, and service.   We are proud to have had well over 50 boys earn Eagle Scout, and we encourage all the boys to achieve the highest rank in Scouting.

Uniform:  The Boy Scout uniform is a key part of the scouting experience.  Troop 645 only requires the minimum “class A” scout uniform:  A scout shirt and neckerchief.   Scout pants and beret are optional, but highly recommended.   We also have a troop “class B” tee shirt for activities.

Youth Protection:   We are very concerned about protecting youth from harm, and follow all Boy Scouts of America policies to have a safe program.  Both youth and adults are expected to be trained and follow youth protection guidelines.

Parent and Family Participation:  Our program is open to parent and family involvement and we encourage parents to help run the troop.   We are an all-volunteer organization, and “more hands lighten the load.”  We also find boys whose parents are involved in the program get more out of it.